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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 9, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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sandbags an the san francisquito creek in east appeal hoping to prevent what happened two weeks ago on christmas eve. >> i calm outside and the water was already rising above the sidewalk. >> deborah williams got a knock from police telling her to evacuate. she went to a friend's home and waited. >> we kept looking at tv. last flood warning. seeing all this water. i am thinking, what is going on with our house? >> the house was okay. the water came to the garage but did fault seep inside but seven homes were damaged. this home has been yellow tagged. the residents have moved out. the next door neighbors had water rush through the backyard but the house was spaced. another woman is relieved to see the sandbags going in. >> the city has been great and quick to respond. they did not wait a long-term before they came out to look. we came back the next day and
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they were looking to see where the damage was coming from. >> deborah williams questions whether sandbags are a match for the creek. >> i am happy they are doing it but this is a temporary fix. i want a fix and it should been fix and we pay taxes to have it fixed. >> it is a rainy season that runs not april and then we can look at the permanent fixes. we are looking at that and working on designs and ideas for those and trying to identify funding for the permanent solution. >> that is the problem: money. they estimate the fix will cost $2.7 million. the city of east palo alto and not have it and asked for help from the state. they are waiting to hear whether the state can help. until then, sandbags are the answer. live in east palo alto for abc7 news. >> thank you. the threat rain has. brothered cal tran to close off part of the park-'n-ride in mill valley.
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the lower part of the lot has been a flood zone during flood zones. they closed off the area until monday because owners of flooded cars complained they were not properly warned of the threat. the tide is expected to peak in two days, at 2' higher-than-normal. >> when will it hit the bay area? >> mike nicco is checking live doppler 7 hd right now. >> it is not here. yet. you can see live doppler 7 hd all is quiet. we have a few radar runs over the ocean. that is where those are going to stay for now. a lot of cloud cover out there. still fog to contend with inland. but that is starting to lift. you can see the bulk of the storm to the north. we will zoom in on northern california and show you the leading edge of the showers moving in the northwest corner of the state. but after the noon hour is when we will see the showers reach the ground and move south across the state. you have a couple more hours
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before the rain gets here. i will tell you how much to expect and frozen conditions in the seven-day outlook. >> a reward is officially being offered to anyone who helps recover valuable stolen pieces of golden state history. thieves struck the oakland museum of california. abc7 news reporter joins us live with details. >> kristen, this is the second burglary from the oakland museum in as many months, the director is refusing to put a price tag on the items calling it "invaluable" and telling the story of california. look at this video from the room where the item was housed. from this room a historic gold rush quartz and golden jewel box was taken. the box is invaluable historical object for california and shows scenes of early california life.
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officials will only suggest that you will know it when you see it. >> if anyone finds or has knowledge about a three pound and 7 by 9" gold box with images of early california history and quartz it will be unmistakable. >> some have put the value at more than $800,000. this is the second theft. in november a suspect matching the same suspect made off with gold nuggets. another item was also taken but they declined to say what it was only saying that the value did not match that of the box. take a look at this full screen. this is an idea of what the box is. it is 7" by 9", weighing three pounds with images of early california and quartz on the
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box. it is described as unmistakable and invaluable. here on camera, i can say they gave us a description of the suspect. the suspect was a single suspect, male, between 5' 6" and 6' tall. he was wearing a white mask so that made it quite unique to them. they would not say how the suspect got into the museum. another thing to talk about, police have not made an arrest in either burglary but they believe they could be looking for the same suspect because they have reviewed surveillance video in both cases. the museum has guards but they are not armed or trained to make conflict or to come in conflict with those who break in the museum. officials say oakland police were here in minutes but the theft and the thief made off with the goods anyway. the museum is offering a $12,000 reward for any information
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leading to the recovery of the items. >> thank you, knick. right now investigators with the national transportation safety board are trying to learn why an oil tanker hit a bay bridge tower in san francisco bay two days ago. abc7 news talk with the ntsb what is involved in any investigation and joins us from treasure island. >> let me say this is not csi treasure island. the investigation will take more than an hour or a week or a year as they try to figure why that ship off of treasure island, the 750' oil tanker "overseas raymar" did what it did on monday. where will they repair the ship? there is a 20-member crew on board and a group was going to board the "overseas raymar" and is not with the ntsb but says they are with the marshal island
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registries where the tanker is from. the coast guard and investigators will work together to figure why it sideswiped the bay bridge tower west of yerba buena island on monday. the bar pilot was warned he was off coast and it is unclear whether fog played a role. i spoke with a ntsb in washington, dc, this morning. >> at this stage they are fact gathering and we cannot determine a cause early on in an investigation. it usually takes some time, maybe 12 to 18 months before we determine the cause but we are at the beginning stages of the investigation. at this point we are collecting as much data as we can. >> keep in mind the ntsb report on the november 2007 accident did not come out until may of 2009 so that was 18 months in the making. the coast guard could produce their own report and ntsb, its
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own report. the there were 53,000 gallons of oil poured into san francisco bay and the bar pilot was on prescription medication and there was poor medication. this investigation could not be so complex but we may not know for a year and a half what took place on monday that led to the dented hull on this ship. >> thank you. we have been tweeting since it broke, and the latest can be followed on twitter at abc7 news bay area with more on our website at including a slide show with pictures of the damaged ship and bridge support. >> former san francisco giant barry bonds and two other controversial players have not made it into the baseball hall of fame. the three players are unlikely to get a spot because of steroid scandal and clemens and sosa are
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among those eligible for the first time and they also face allegations of steroid use. the votes have been counted. here is a look at the results. the player whose did not make it, no one made it, the first time in four decades baseball writers did not elect anyone to the hall of fame. >> happening now, owners of the 30 national hockey league teams meet in new york to vote on the tentative deal to end the player lock out coming to an agreement last weekend that would have ended a 48 game season that begins john -- january 19. the sharks and other teams are set to report on sunday. still ahead, frightening moments for passengers on a commuter ferry in manhattan. a crash injured dozens of people. >> a terrifying ski slope accident caught on video. what was supposed to be an extreme thrill ride ended unfortunately in a deadly
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>> look at this chaos in casualties in lower manhattan near wall street after a high speed ferry boat ran into a dock. officials say that 58 people were injured with two in critical condition. first responders are on the scene in minutes to tend to the victims. 343 passengers and crew were on the ferry from new jersey when the unexpectedly hard landing
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happened. >> i was sitting in the back of the ferry and the boat -- there was a tremendous impact. everyone moved forward. it was shocking. >> most of the injuries were minor. federal investigators are join local officials to determine the cause of the crash. the crew passed alcohol breath tests at the scene of the accident. >> vice president biden is meeting with gun safety organizations and victims' groups working on the response to the connecticut school tragedy. today's meetings are part of a series he is holding to build consensus an proposals to curve gun violence. biden is heading up a task force created after the shooting in connecticut that killed 20 schoolchildren. those taking part in the talks include the brady campaign to end gun violence and two survivors of the virginia tech shooting. >> i want it clear to the american public on with of the president we are reaching out to
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all parties on whatever side of this debate you fall. the president is going to act. >> walmart stores will join talks at the white house tomorrow because they are one of the biggest gun sellers. the president has asked biden to deliver a policy proposal by the end of the month. >> and meteorologist mike nicco is back with the forecast. >> lost cloud cover. the system has the potential to produce snow down to 1,000 feet but there will not be many showers. i will show you the freezing temperatures that are coming for most of us as we head back into the accweather seven-day forecast. >> could a cheap are i phone be on the
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a tragic outcome to what was supposed to be a thrill ride. the accident is being investigated as possible
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negligence. the ball went off the snow track it was supposed to follow. there was panic. it tumbled down a deep gorge and a 27-year-old man died and his friend was seriously injured. police want to question the owners of the ride who now are on the run. >> word that apple is working on a budget version of the iphone the source tells bloomberg that the new phone could sell between $99 and $149. the "wall street journal" reports it could have a less expensive body than the standard iphone as sales of less expensive droid power devices have skyrocketed. apple has declined to comment. >> and mike nicco is keeping a live with live doppler 7 hd on when the rain will hit us. >> it is just a little, not a lot. most of us will not get anything and there could be a dusting of snow. we will look outside and show you what is going on, everyone.
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we are looking from mount tamien with the winds picking up, and the thicker clouds are coming in but as we move on we are not seeing too much falling even in san francisco where it is hazy from south beach to twin peaks. we have a last cloud -- lot of cloud cover. and i can see moisture in the atmosphere priming for a shore in early afternoon and early evening. you can see the system sliding slowly to the southeast while the clouds are moving from southwest to northeast. right now temperatures in the mid-40's most areas with a few low 50's around oakland and san francisco and half moon bay and around monterey bay temperatures in the low 50's and inland at 49 in gilroy to 51 in salinas.
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be prepared for scattered light shower and tomorrow it will bring in the coldest air of the season so frosty nights are ahead except for the coast with a small chance of a scattered shower saturday and sunday and that will be taken out of the forecast as we get closer to the weekend because it is a weak system. >> two areas of high pressure, one over the ocean and one over land and getting bisected by the cold front between the cold and heavy dense air and the colder the air the less moisture. this is very moisture starved but it has enough moisture and you can see with scattered showers developing in the coast in the north bay the next hour, some of those are pushing out and through the heart of the bay by 5:00 so you could have a few sprinkles and a bit of a shower as you head home or heading out this evening in the south bay and now you can see the snow
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level is dropping to around 1,500 and possibly 1,000 feet tonight and most of the showers stay over the ocean with one or two straying inland bumping into the higher elevation. same thing on thursday morning and thursday afternoon. can you see the better chance of a scattered shower over the ocean as we head into that deeper and dry and cold air mass. look at this, rainfall amount, nothing and possibly just a minute amount. sorry, snow lovers you will have to head to the sierras. 46 for a high today and 22 tomorrow and you know you have a cold air mass. on saturday, playoff game at 6:00, packers are in town and it will be balmy at 50 degrees and the mid-40's by the time the game ends. not too bad. the chance of it being wet are very remote. now, thursday morning, friday
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morning, saturday morning: freezing temperatures everywhere with frost advisories and freeze wanting out for most morningings. on sunday, monday, and tuesday we will warm up in the afternoon with more sunshine and in the mid-to-upper 50's. tomorrow, we could make it out -- not out of the 40's. >> jimmy kimmel has made a new time slot. it is on earlier. last night the first guests were music guests and january federal -- jennifer aniston. >> it has been 30 years since the last hair cut. let's go for it. >> all righty. >> in the back i am gold bald, so --. >> i see it. i see it. >> jimmy kimmel airs weeknights
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at the follow time following the abc at 11 and "nightline" comes on after that. >> still ahead, honoring the worst movies of 2012.
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>> coming up at 3:00, katie and the cast of downton abbey and how it is easetory sell on the web. a local woman's evers to get a dog treat recalled pays off. we will tell you what the company agreed to do today.
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those stories and more on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5:00. >> the movie award season is fast approaching, right, and at bottom, the nominations are out for the razzies, the worst films with "twilight" worst picture and worst leader actors. >> other worst included "thousand words" and adam sandler. >> but the oscar nominations come out tomorrow and announced early. >> exactly, we will be live on abc7 only
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